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A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. 

Proverbs 18:16






What is Giving?

We have been born into a world which houses everything we need in order to not only survive but thrive.  We have been given the gifts of food, water, air and shelter. In possibly no other planet could our human race survive, therefore,  it is no coincidence of our residence on this earth. From our conception to birth to growth into adulthood, we have been granted the gift of life. 

Every gift of life has great value and has the potential to do great works in the way of being purposeful. So in knowing each person on this planet has been created with rich value, purpose and unique mission; how can each person demonstrate their appreciation and thankfulness to their creator? 


First, by understanding this creator whom is God desires a working relationship with each person,From every section of the planet. God desires a relationship with each person in order to establish his kingdom. When each person has a relationship with God, amazing things begin to occur. The person begins to reflect more of the character of God, his perfection, carry out justice in a true sense and demonstrate all of his divine attributes. God gives bountifully. He gives gifts which are of value of him. Therefore out of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness each person has the ability to give things which have value.

In Bible times, before currency had value, items were traded. If I had sheep and you had grain, we could trade our items of value for items of value. Nowadays, most people have been placed in an economic world, where currency or money has value which can be traded for desired items.



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Beyond The Tithe

Give Generously. Give intentionally.

Give vividly. Give enthusiastically. 

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