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A gathering of women from different backgrounds, united in Christ's love and motivated to impact our community and our world with His Extravagant Love!

What we do

More than just a women's gathering, we're on a mission to renew minds by the Truth of God's Word, to Restore lives by the Power of the Holy Spirit and to Recharge hearts with Joy and Hope through God's faithful promises!  This is genuine friendship abounding from God's Amazing Love!


To be genuine and complete the mission God has given each one to do.

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Women, we have to connect with each other!

By divine design, we all share a vital bond to each other. Simply by the point of being female, we are part of an universal sisterhood, but we tend to drift away from each other.  Distancing is triggered by generational separations, by social differences, by the invasion of social media and by ruined relationships. There are those who have permitted intimate friendships to dry up like a river in the desert, and women are paying a high price for such solitude.  


This isolation is an intrusion into a woman’s sense of belonging, sense of community and sense of self-assurance in one’s femininity.  So, the Spirit of God is stirring us to seek sincere friendships, which is a key part of restoring lives in the freshness of His love. Cita de Confluencia is a gathering of women that points to overflowing faith in the redemption work of Christ in us.

Upcoming EVENTS

Congreso de Mujeres


Prayer & Intercession

Our Mission


To renew minds by the Truth which is God's Word, to restore lives by the power of the Holy Spirit and recharge hearts with joy.



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